Two Lessons Learned From YouTube Going Down

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Today YouTube has gone down. While this is a very big deal (YouTube is the #2 website after Google which owns YouTube), it’s being down proves two things:

You don’t own YouTube – so you need an email list

You need to control your video distribution


You Don’t Own YouTube – So You Need An Email List

As I have stated here on this site before, you don’t own YouTube. Whenever YouTube goes down, you cannot bring it back up. Which is why you need an email list to communicate with your audience (Shameless plus: Sub to mine ).


You Need To Control Your Video Distribution

I get it: YouTube is the number 1 video social media platform AND YouTube makes it easy to distribute your video.

HOWEVER after today, you cannot put all of your eggs in one basket (i.e. YouTube). Consider the other video platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram TV, and LinkedIn.

Furthermore, think about creating your own standalone video like the one you are viewing right here on I have shot this using my laptop and I can upload it anywhere and everywhere including YouTube.

I just want to write this article to help you control what you create and where you send it. Oh and if YouTube every comes back up, kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel

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