How I Use ITIL: From Service Strategy Through CSI

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ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is one of the hottest disciplines out there. Everyone wants to learn more about service management, how to optimize IT service value and increase customer satisfaction. Very few people know how to accomplish these three objectives. In my video, I show how I use ITIL to take an IT service and/or product through each domain.

Service Strategy:  How to do the business case, economic justification and determine the service’s value

Service Design: Provide excellent customer satisfaction and above-average service level

Service Transition:  Getting the service prepped for launch and go live

Service Operations:  Rolling out the IT service/product to go live and provide up to the minute customer service in case there are any glitches that may arise

Continual Service Improvement (CSI): Employing the 7-step process and incorporating customer feedback to make the service better

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