Week Ahead: 45 Days Left in 2020

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This week is starting off with a bang! This weekend has landed me with a great professional opportunity: a free scrum training where I earned my Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate. This professional certification is not even mentioned in my Friday’s week in review video.

This is not the only change this week. Read on this see what else has changed over this weekend and to start off this week.

Using my Scrum Foundation Professional Certificate As A Springboard

This Saturday, I passed my second Scrum certification. I stumbled upon it through a free scrum training class. I did not even think that this was the actual certification link. I wrote all about it here.

I am just happy that I have a second scrum certification and can use this as a springboard towards landing more scrum projects and jobs. Connect with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact



Acing My Interviews

I have two interviews this week. I am still sustaining the October 2020 job momentum and see myself landing a new full-time opportunity by December. And that is before the new scrum certification.

Now with a new scrum certification, I see my path accelerating even further.

Keep Expanding My Network

I am not sitting on my laurels. This week I will participate in the Ohio Means Jobs virtual job fair this week. In addition, I have found another cleared job virtual event. I will keep expanding my professional network through my scrum certification.

Switch From AWS Machine Learning to AI-100 AI Engineer

During Friday, I was studying to pass my AWS Machine Learning certification. Well, Microsoft sent my Cloud Skills Challenge free exam voucher and immediately I started studying to pass my AI-100 AI Engineer certification.

Originally I was supposed to go with AI Engineer certification but my free exam voucher was held up. Now that it was released I was back on passing my AI-100. I was grateful to have my AI-900 served as the foundation to pass. One thing about me was that I hated staying at the bottom and passing my AI-100 AI Engineer would put me at the top.

Sign Up For The Black Friday List

Finally, don’t forget to sign up to receive over 50% off everything in my store this Black Friday. I will have everything discounted to help me move your personal brand forward. My store is all about fulfilling your professional development needs to get you to your next level. Sign up at www.carlarjenkins.com/blackfridaylist


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