Week Ahead: AWS SysOps Opportunities

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This week is big in my cloud computing studies: from Tuesday through Friday, I have my Amazon Web Services (AWS) SysOps Administrator certification training. Here are the other 4 things rounding out my top 5 weekly objectives.


AWS SysOps Administrator Certification Training

I am currently finishing my Lynda.com AWS SysOps Administrator learning path. Many people say that this is the hardest AWS Associate exam. I like challenges so this is right up my alley. Furthermore, I have worked as a system administrator so there is some overlap. Furthermore, I have also done the practice exam flashcards to create a baseline ahead of my certification training.

Growing My Professional Network

Video has been growing my LinkedIn and social media. I mention LinkedIn specifically because I am a business blogger and it is the business’ social media. I have grown over 100 new connections due to my daily AWS cloud computing videos. Each video is under 2 minutes which I shoot in the LinkedIn mobile native app. I then share it across all of my social media. My LinkedIn community loves them. I have received hundreds of views on them.

Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins


Debuting Cloud Job Work Series Videos

Starting Monday I have released a new cloud job video daily. I have noticed that my Instagram followers are very responsive to videos. I have 900 IG followers as of today and every day I can count that uploading my video that I get no less than 20 videos. Some of my videos get 50 views. Furthermore, some of my followers have shared my IG videos with HR.

Video Marketing

Video is also the highest converting medium. I have received all of my project management teaching positions through video.

Check out my YouTube and www.carlarjenkins.com to see all of these new cloud job videos.

Writing My Newsletters

This week my Carla’s Correspondence (social media, personal branding) PM.Project (project management) have gone out. I am very happy to deliver high quality material to them. Sign up below:

Carla’s Correspondence: www.carlarjenkins.com/mailinglist

PM.Project: www.bit.ly/pmprojectmail

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