Week Ahead: Azure Cloud Engineer

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I am picking up where I’ve left off with Azure Cloud Engineer.

Putting My AZ-700 To Work

As a brand spanking new certified Azure cloud engineer, I am putting my AZ-700 to work.

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New Videos Coming Out

This whole week I have brand-new videos coming out regarding AZ-700, AZ-305 beta exam, Azure Architect Expert career path and Google Cloud Platform training initiative. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel

Studying To Pass My AZ-500 and AZ-305 Certifications

I am capitalizing upon the AZ-700 momentum by studying AZ-500 Azure Security technologies. I was studying for the AZ-500 before dropping it after the AZ-700 was announced. Now I am back to it.

Also with the announcement of the AZ-305 beta exam in November. Microsoft said that AZ-104 + AZ-305 = Azure Architect Expert. I am one exam away from expert level so why not go for it?!

Terraform Associate

I am still sticking to studying to pass my Terraform Associate because I want to expand my cloud knowledge and skillset. I am already multi-cloud (AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud). Now I want to be multi-cloud with infrastructure as code (AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager and Terraform). Terraform is cloud agnostic which would be great addition.

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