Week Ahead: Be Presidential

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Today is Presidents’ Day. Even with a holiday, I feel that this will be an epic week ahead!


Developing My Media Kit

I have to take full advantage of my website and Twitter impressions. I know that after getting over 100L monthly Twitter impressions and an Alexa Internet Majestic Million website www.carlarjenkins.com that people want to work with me. Now it is time to assemble a media kit and start pitching!

Newsletters Are Coming Out

Monday is Newsletter Day around these parts! I cannot wait to release all three of mine today at 12pm EST. You don’t want to miss out on any one of them so subscribe ASAP!

Email Sign Ups Links

Sign up for Carla’s Correspondence: https://carlarjenkins.com/mailinglist

Sign up for PM.Project newsletter: http://bit.ly/pmprojectmail

Sign up for PositivityChange Post: http://positivitychange.com/mailinglist



Still Seeking PMP and ITIL Certification Jobs

Both the PMP and ITIL are changing; and, I am working to help get as many people PMP and ITIL 4 Foundation certified as possible before these changes. Need you help passing your PMP and/or ITIL 4 Foundation certifications? Get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

Promote My Store More

Last but not certainly least, I will promote my online store on here and social media much more! I have some very good project management products that I need to advertise more. I create all of my products to teach your project management the right way. Check them out at www.carlarjenkins.com/shop

Get www.carlarjenkins.com in the Alexa Internet Global 100K Ranking

I have been dangling on 203K for an entire week! I am working very hard for www.carlarjenkins.com to enter the Alexa Internet Global 100K ranking! I would be one happy girl when it does!

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