Week Ahead : Celebrating Christmas

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This is the week of Christmas and I am taking off from doing any heavy lifting. Curated by Carla will still come out this Friday, Christmas Eve. Also The Black Friday sale is still going on and you can still use promo code BLACKFRIDAY to get 50% off everything.


Celebrate Christmas

I will be taking time to celebrate Christmas this year. I have taken off for Thanksgiving this year. I have felt that I’ve earned it building enough money and brand awareness to rest.

Facebook News: Meta Elevate Scholarship

I have done a Facebook Live on my business page about applying for We The Culture and being a Meta Elevate scholarship recipient sitting for the Facebook Digital Marketing Associate certification exam. I want everyone to know what I am doing with Facebook.

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Gearing Up for 2022

In less than 5 days, I have received so many professional vouchers and scholarships

  • 12/16/2021 DreamTECH Scholarship for my CISSP exam prep
  • 12/19/2021 – Google Cloud Jumpstart Program for my Associate Cloud Engineer certification
  • 12/20/2021 – Microsoft Certification Week for Partners SC-300 Exam Voucher and Practice Test

Add Sigao (now CAVU) Scrum at Scale exam prep training which I won via scholarship this summer and I have 4 new certifications going into 2022. I cannot wait to share my journey and of course all of it will be documented on www.carlarjenkins.com

Promoting My Blog And YouTube Content

Yes, this week may be Christmas but I am still churning out content! Expect to see brand-new articles on www.carlarjenkins.com and brand-new videos on my YouTube channel 

Also shout out to my YouTube family for getting me over 300 views in the past 48 hours.

Black Friday Sale

Don’t forget that the Christmas sale is still ongoing and you can still use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY to save 50% off everything. Shop it right now!

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