Week Ahead: Christmastime Is Here!

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Merry Christmas everyone! I am very happy with the fourth quarter progress. I have made significant amount of inroads and this week am happy to be able to enjoy them.

I am also recording this video on Monday. It is normally Sunday but I have been busy wrapping up things. I am very happy to share this week ahead series with you during Christmastime!


Christmastime Newsletters

All three of my newsletters have been delivered this Monday. If you are reading this Tuesday morning, you can still get access by subscribing to any and all of them. Links below!

Email Sign Ups Links

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Sign up for PM.Project newsletter: http://bit.ly/pmprojectmail

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Getting Ready for New Year’s

I am truly ready for 2020 and am making preparations for not just the New Year but the new decade! My big 3 goals are:

  • Finishing up all three newsletters before the end of this week
  • Have already put dibs on my PMP and ITIL teaching jobs for January
  • Planning out my 2020 sales and content strategies

I have also let people know that I am available to teach January 2020. I am making sure that I get as many opportunities as possible.

Reconciling All of My Stuff for 2019

Right now I am evaluating what has worked and not worked for 2019. What I will say with this blog is that serialized content (Week Ahead, Midweek Review and Week in Review) have helped boost my blog’s Alexa Internet numbers. The Week Ahead, Midweek Review and Week in Review YouTube videos have kept viewers updated to my every move. I feel that these videos have given me my two PMP and ITIL certification teaching jobs.

Still Doing Projectized

Projectized livestream show is back on Periscope YouTube Live  and Instagram Live. I will be broadcasting every day except Christmas.

On Projectized I discuss:

  • The business of project management
  • How businesses use project management
  • Obtaining project management certification

Still Producing Content

Yes, people are enjoying themselves during Christmas break but there is still a need for business content. www.carlarjenkins.com will fill that void. Just because it is Christmas does not mean that business stops.

I am grateful to all of my readers who rely on this blog for the latest social media, personal branding and project management every day. I am humbled because they trust me.


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