Week Ahead: Closing Out the Third Quarter Strong

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I am getting to end third quarter on a high note and start this fourth quarter even better!

Foci on Cloud Computing and Project Management

I am a techie and PMP certified project manager. This week my two foci will be on cloud computing and project management. I am thankful that recruiters are getting in touch with me. Furthermore, some recruiters are finding opportunities merging PMP and CCP licenses.

Closing Out the Third Quarter and Starting the Fourth Quarter

This week the third quarter ends and the fourth quarter begins. I have had a great third quarter building upon my receiving my CARES Act funding from the 2nd quarter. I have accomplished the following:

I will come into the fourth quarter strong. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled at www.carlarjenkins.com


Content Marketing

Expect even more new content from both www.carlarjenkins.com and www.positivitychange.com. In addition, all three newsletters will come out Mondays 12pm EST again. Here is how to sub to all three.

AWS SysOps Administrator Training

I am making inroads towards passing my third Amazon Web Services (AWS) exam. I have learned a lot from Skillcertpro practice exam and ExamPro course. I will keep all of you posted.

Working on Online Store

I have been creating a lot of content as of late and will be putting some of it in my store. I know that Christmas is in the fourth quarter but I am not waiting until November to pump out new products.

If you cannot wait until the 4th quarter, shop my store at www.carlarjenkins.com/shop



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