Week Ahead: Cloud Credibility

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From AWS to Azure to Oracle Cloud,

this week will be big on cloud computing!



Cloud Computing

I am using the FREE Oracle Cloud training and exam voucher towards recertifying my Oracle Cloud Foundations Associate. Oracle is offering FREE training and exam vouchers for 15 of its Oracle Cloud certifications.

I am also working on my security scorecard app for AWS Community Builders program. I have documented this in my most recent This Week in AWS Community blog series.

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Check out all of this past weekend’s articles. I have Oracle Cloud FREE training, SBA economic injury disaster loan ceiling increase and This Week in AWS Community .

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Receiving New Business Proposals

I am open to receiving new IT, cloud and project management business proposals. Check out my work samples page to see all of the work that I have done. Also check out my work with me page to see all of my services.

You can contact me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact to start working with me.

Thank You YouTube Fam

I love all of my YouTube Family for all of your support! I have rebranded my YouTube channel as Carla Jenkins TV. As a small YouTuber, I am thankful for all of your support.



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