Week Ahead: Finishing 2020 Strong

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Today is December 14, 2020 and there are only 3 more weeks in the month and this year. However, I am not slowly down because opportunity awaits.

Finishing strong in 2020

Over this past weekend, I received two new opportunities this December 2020: my December 2020 Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge free exam voucher and being selected for an Azure beta course reviewer. These two opportunities come from consistently promoting your personal brand. I am receiving opportunities NOW in December. I am not waiting until next year. You too can get the same results with Expand Your Personal Brand

Newsletters Are Out

If it is Monday, it is Newsletter Day. Newsletters Come out Mondays 12pm EST. This week Carla’s Correspondence and PM.Project are coming out now.

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New Blog Content Coming Out This Week

Even though the end of this year is near, does not mean that www.carlarjenkins.com and www.positivitychange.com stop creating content.

Today www.carlarjenkins.com has posted Two Lessons Learned from YouTube Going Down. There will be even more content coming this week. The same with www.positivitychange.com

Focus on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube This Week

Over this weekend, these three social media platforms have given me a lot of return on investment.

  • Twitter – Received over 50 video views from Microsoft December 2020 Cloud Skills Challenge videos
  • LinkedIn – Received 3200 LinkedIn followers
  • YouTube – Received over 100 views over 48 hours

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Shooting More Videos This Week

Expect more videos outside of YouTube this week. In addition, expect more standalone created videos because I am very big on controlling the distribution channels and content. With YouTube going down, now is even more important to do these two things.

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