Week Ahead: Happy November!

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Happy November! I am coming into this month dead set on making something happen and creating new IT, cloud and project management opportunities!

Start Off November Right

I am starting off this month right! I am ensuring that the momentum that I’ve sustained with my AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate certification in October to continue. There are only 60 more days left in 2021 and I will make November and the rest of this year count!

Receiving More Cloud Engineer Jobs

I am continuing to sustain my October momentum into November. I feel that my receiving my Azure Network Engineer Associate certification has changed my career trajectory. It is similar to my passing my AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate exam. Once I have, the floodgates opened. Nearly every company I’ve applied to, gives me an interview.


Newsletter Day

Monday was Newsletter Day. If you’ve missed it and are a subscriber then I will be sending out this week’s newsletter today at 12pm EDT.

Also this week I will be sending out at least 1 additional email this Wednesday for a special benefit that you don’t want to miss out on! So signup to my mailing lists so that you don’t miss anything!

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Preparing Black Friday Now

This Wednesday, I will be sending out my 2021 Black Friday email list registration form! Signing up gives you the best Black Friday discounts from my store! Also expect new IT, cloud and project management courses, products and services! Remember to come back here this Wednesday, November 3, 2021 to sign up!

Prepare for AZ-500 SC-200 and AZ-305

Yes, Microsoft Ignite is this week. Yes, I have been very busy promoting my November 6, 2021 PyLadies Tunis machine learning talk (where you can sign up here!); but, I am dead set on passing these three exams this month!


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