Week Ahead: Keep Doing The Work

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This week ahead I will keep doing the work to building upon last week’s preexisting foundation. I will work on finalizing my ITIL lesson plan and keep promoting my December 9th Chicago PMP training course www.carlarjenkins.com/cjpmpchicago


Finalizing my ITIL Lesson Plan

I didn’t know that this training would be rescheduled during last week’s Week Ahead yet here we are. I am happy that it has been rescheduled for this month because 1) I love helping others obtain their ITIL certifications and 2) I get to travel back. I know how much my career has changed after obtaining my ITIL 3 and 4 Foundation certifications. As a techie, my career opportunities exploded. I want the same for my students!

Keep Promoting My December 9th PMP Training Date

I will be coming to Chicago this December 9th to teach 4-day PMP exam prep. I am also grateful that the company that I am partnering with has given me the promo code CJPMP to save 10% off $1899 registration.

Sign up at www.carlarjenkins.com/cjpmpchicago. See you in Chicago this December 9th!


Keep Working On AWS Cloud Practitioner

In the midst of all of this opportunity (which I am happy for), I am still going to finish my Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Practitioner certification exam. Some of you remember that I have completed the workforce development training where I have taken 4 AWS certification trainings. Furthermore, I have a new individual plan of employment.  One of my goals is to pass this exam by the end of this year.

Release The Remainder of My November 2019 Goal Videos

I have November 2019 monthly goal videos for both websites and all of my social media channels. However, with new opportunities, I have to record new promo videos so my monthly goal videos have taken a backseat. Not anymore! This week I will release all of them. I feel that it is important that each channel’s followers know the direction of my channel.

You can watch all of these videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel: www.carlarjenkins.com/youtubechannel

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