Week Ahead : Laying The Foundation

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We are starting the week off right this Monday! Coming fresh off my passing my Facebook Digital Marketing Associate certification Friday night.



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Keep Building Upon Certifications

Upon completing my Facebook Digital Marketing Associate certification last Friday, I am 1 down and 9 more to go on my 2022 certification list.

This week my foci are SC-300 IAM Administrator and CISSP. The SC-300 exam will change this January 28, 2022 so my goal is to pass it before it does. I have ben completing the SC-300 Microsoft Learn learning path and tinkering with Microsoft 365 Compliance Center (I have an E3 subscription through my business so I can lab and create things).

I have been wanting to become an IAM Administrator. I have significant IAM (identity and access management) experience through AWS and Azure. Now my goal is to get the certification and make it official.

Regarding the CISSP my goal is to read up on the exam prep book and complete the FreeCodeCamp CISSP exam prep video ahead of my January 19, 2022 course start date. I feel like finishing at least 4-5 chapters ahead of schedule will position me to pass my CISSP exam the first time.

New Posts On Carlarjenkins.com

Today I dropped the first Morning Magnet of 2022 dealing with CISSP. Expect even more new articles coming onto the blog site.

New Videos On YouTube Channel

I’ve just dropped The Price of Free: Why Timetables On Free Certification Programs Are Important. Expect even more videos coming to my YouTube Channel. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for the best in IT, cloud computing and project management.

More Work Coming

I am back to work for 2022. I am open to receiving new IT, cloud and project management referrals. You can reach out to me here.

I will also be sprucing up my LinkedIn profile. Connect with me here for all things IT, cloud and project management.

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