Week Ahead: May Motivation

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Happy May everyone! I am very happy for a new month because this means new opportunities! Furthermore, I do see myself increasing the momentum that I have received in April and carrying it into May.

Starting off May Strong

I have ended April receiving my AZ-104 Azure Administrator and SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals certifications. This is a great way to start off this May.

Also I am building upon these two certifications by carrying all of the interviews and recruiter phone calls into May. I have been very busy using video marketing and content marketing to expand my reach and land more aligned opportunities.

I see myself (finally!) landing a new opportunity this month because companies and brands recognize competency, consistency and hard work. Get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

Newsletter Day

It is Monday so it is Newsletter Day! All three newsletters will be going out today. Subscribe to them below:

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Expanding More Opportunities

Coming off of receiving 2 certifications have opened up the floodgates so much. Once I received my AZ-104 Azure Administrator certification, the phone started ringing off of the hook. I received no less than 10 phone calls daily for cloud positions.

I feel that the same will happen with SC-900 Microsoft Security Fundamentals. There are so many cybersecurity positions out there that are unfilled. I am perfectly situated to receive even more opportunities this May!

More Content Coming

New month means new content. Both www.carlarjenkins.com and www.positivitychange.com will have new articles up.

Since you’re reading this, you’ve already seen my 3 lessons learned from passing my SC-900 exam and 5 lessons learned from Day 300 of 100 Days of Cloud.

May will be nothing less than spectacular over here at www.carlarjenkins.com!

Studying AZ-500

Still staying consistent with my AZ-500 Azure Security Technologies studies. I am all about passing this certification because I love seeing if anomalies are one-offs or the start of a pattern. Just keeping the grind well en route to Day 365 of 100 Days of Cloud!

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