Week Ahead: More Videos, Blogging and Building Business

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Saturday I had a very big productivity kick. I shot 35 videos yesterday and will use all of them in my websites, email and social media.


Build upon videos and a new month

As I mentioned I shot 35 videos yesterday. This week I will share all of the websites (www.carlarjenkins.com and www.positivitychange.com ), email and social media. Video is the highest converting medium. I love video because I get to communicate with my community.

Test Out Shopify Lite Facebook and Messenger

I am taking my turn towards testing out Shopify Lite after putting that Facebook fraud behind me last week. I need a new online shopping cart so I will check it out Shopify Lite. I will let everyone know.


Email List

I have two big things going into this week. First, my three newsletters will come out this Monday at 12PM EST. You can sign up for these three here:

Second, I will create three landing pages (1 per newsletter) to build my email lists.

Work on Project Summer

Project Summer is coming and I will finish the video and email drip this week. I am very excited because it helps so many people learn how to use project management to solve their daily problems. I will have the sign up this week. Be on the lookout for it.

Learn something new and apply it to the business

I am on a very big financial literacy kick. I am constantly learning something new about business finance and applying it to my business. I am all about becoming better.

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