Week Ahead: On My Way Back

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OMG! I am still trying to recover from last week. It was a doozy. Rarely do I have such a bad week as that so this recovery may take a while.

LinkedIn Open to Work

Over this past weekend, I have signaled that I was open to work. I am actively looking for full-time, permanent remote and Washington, DC IT, cloud and project management work. Check out my LinkedIn profile and connect with me at www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins

More Videos

It has been nearly one week since I have made a dent in the video department. I have just finished my Day 155 of 100 Days of Cloud livestream today. Expect more videos coming your way (that’s less intensive than doing both videos and blogs right now).

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Bouncing Back with AI-100 Certification Study

Over this past weekend, I have restarted studying to pass my Microsoft Azure AI Engineer certification. Being sick and recuperating my illness have put me behind. However, I have finished both the Microsoft Learn Build AI Solutions Using Azure Machine Learning and DP-100 Creating Machine Learning Models learning paths.

I am particularly happy that I have decided to finish the DP-100 learning path Sunday instead of waiting until today because I have (finally) broken through and learned how to copy and paste the Azure CLI code onto Juypter and run the Python scripts. You don’t know how much joy I have felt by my finally being able to do all of the exercises. I very big on hands-on learning.

Expanding My Network Through AWS Reinvent and Edureka AI-ML Workshop

This past weekend, I watched the Edureka AI-ML workshop replays just get back into the swing of things. I had to refresh my brain since I had not seen anything artificial intelligence-related in 3-4 days. I did have to bring up the importance of my math background whenever I talked about AI. This field was bigger than bot making. You needed a significant amount of vector calculus and linear algebra to train and fix models.

AWS Reinvent is still going on so I will catch live sessions. My goal is to learn and connect with others in the AI space. I am happy that AWS has several machine learning video series which I will watch.

Continuous Improvement

PMP and expanding my math are the two big things this week for me. I will learn more about the new project management professional exam. Furthermore, math has given me more job opportunities. I am thinking about taking the Cuyahoga Community College online math.

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