Week Ahead: Upon Further Revue

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Happy Labor Day Monday everybody! I know that it has been a while since I have written an all-new Week Ahead but I am back (and on a holiday while we’re at it). This week’s title is upon further revue. Revue as in Twitter Revue newsletter!

Debuting Curated By Carla Twitter Newsletter This September 10, 2021

If you follow me on Twitter (please do here), then you are in for a treat: I am debuting Curated by Carla, a free weekly wrap-up of all of my Twitter content.

You know that Twitter is fast moving with a lot of my status posts being drowned out. NO MORE! Now with Curated by Carla, you can read this week’s highlights.

There will also be exclusive Twitter video content and promo codes. You DO NOT want to miss out on it plus it it FREE! Subscribe NOW and never miss an issue of Curated by Carla newsletter coming out every Friday.


Celebrating Labor Day!

As I have mentioned before I am wishing all of you a very Happy Labor Day! I will be celebrating with my family today! I hope that you are doing the same!

Here are of my most recent posts for some of your reading pleasure:


Carlarjenkins.com Moving Up Alexa Internet To Under 175,000

This site just keeps hiking up the Alexa Internet global site rankings. This is all, of course, because of YOU, my readers! Carlarjenkins.com is now under 175,000 globally and 40,000 domestically in the US! Less than 2 weeks ago we were just under 200,000.

A lot of positive things have happened like my being appointed onto the GWU School of Business Customer Experience Program’s Advisory Council. This is a hallmark achievement!


Open To Receiving More Work Proposals

Phenomena is still open for business and receiving IT, cloud and project management proposals. You can get in touch with us at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

Working on GWU Advisory Council

As you know, I received my GWU Advisory Council appointment last week. This week I will be starting to get my feet wet and learn more about the students and how I can contribute. I may even write a weekly post just like I do with AWS Community Builders.



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