Week Ahead : Working My Way Through

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I am rebounding this week after a dismal end of last week. I would like to thank everyone who have come out to my Saturday PyLadies Tunis machine learning talk. I will notify all of you when they post my video on their YouTube channel!

This week is all about working my way through this November.

Newsletter Day

Monday is Newsletter Day! All three of my newsletters are out today at 12pm EST. Subscribe to all of them below:

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Sustaining YouTube Channel Momentum

Thank you YouTube Family for coming through! I have received over 100 views for my Microsoft Loop video and over 200 views for my Always Put Your Best Foot Forward video! This latter video came out in 2018. Once again, thank you for all of your support! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this.

You can also subscribe to my Positivitychange Post mailing list to receive more positive change in your life.

New Resume for Cloud Engineer Positions

Today I am debuting an all-new resume detailing all of my cloud experience. I believe this is a much stronger resume showcasing my cloud native, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud experience to help companies. Get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

New Blog Posts On Carlarjenkins.com and Positivitychange.com

There are new blog posts on BOTH blogs this week! Phenomena is ending 2021 on a very high note! Expect even newer content on both blogs for the rest of this year.

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Working My Way Through SC-200 Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge

Last week Microsoft Ignite was held and the conference opened its new cloud skills challenge. Since I am studying to pass my SC-200 Security Operations Analyst exam, I’ve registered for this challenge. Watch my video here to learn more about how to get a free exam voucher.

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