Week in Review: 800 IG Followers, 2050 LinkedIn Followers, 150 YouTube Subscribers and 300K Periscope Hearts

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What a week this has been especially for my social media! I have hit 4 milestones that have propelled my brand forward.

800 Instagram Followers

I readily admit that my IGTV channel has pulled my IG out of a rut. I have received so many new followers from my Instagram TV (IGTV) content specifically the IGTV-specific and Projectized project management show replays.

You can watch my IGTV channel here: www.instagram.com/carlarjenkins/channel

P.S. – Speaking of which, I am uploading last week’s Projectized project management domains series this entire week. You can catch it there too!

2050 LinkedIn Followers

I love LinkedIn because it is the business’ social media. It is where my main target audience is located. Also I have uploaded native videos onto the platform which LinkedIn prioritizes. In addition, I have unveiled my Phenomena LinkedIn company page this month increasing my traffic. I am looking to catapult my numbers well into 2100 and beyond.

Stay tuned for more and follow me at www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins


150 YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is my hardest social media medium which makes my receiving 150 so much sweeter. I have been reading my analytics so be on the look out for more ITIL and project management videos which I am already making.

In the meantime, check out my YouTube channel here: www.carlarjenkins.com/youtubechannel

300,000 Periscope Hearts

Periscope if my livestream first love. I have started on Periscope in July 2015. I returned in December 2018 and rejoined the Perigirls this January. In addition, I have started my Projectized project management show where Mondays through Fridays afternoons and evenings EST I cover these three things: 1) the business of project management, 2) how businesses use project management and 3) how to obtain project management certification. Subscribe to my Periscope TV Channel here: www.periscope.tv/carlarjenkins

Projectized Project Management Series Gaining Steam

I am very happy at the success of my new show on Periscope. I am happy that it helping lots of people get a better understanding of project management. That’s Projectized’s show intention and I am happy that it is delivering.

Watch Projectized and all of my other videos here: www.periscope.tv/carlarjenkins

You can also catch my Projectized replays on IGTV and YouTube channels.

IGTV: www.instagram.com/carlarjenkins/channel

YouTube: www.carlarjenkins.com/youtubechannel

Well, that’s all folks (at least for right now). Here’s to bigger and better things in February.



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