Week in Review : Alexa Accomplishment

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Hey everybody! This is the last weekend before Christmas! It is also December 21, 2019, 10 days before not only the end of 2019 but the decade! I admit that this year has allowed me to rebound nicely and giving me a springboard to leap into 2020!


PMP Live Online Training

I have just come off of my 4-day PMP live online training where I have poured into so many new students. I have gotten a lot of career opportunities out of my PMP certification. I want the same for them. That is why I teach. I cannot wait until they join the ranks of the over 1 million PMPs.

Moreover, now is a great time to prepare for both your PMP and ITIL 4 certifications. ITIL will change in June 2020 and PMP in July 2020. Right now in December 2019, everyone is celebrating Christmas giving you downtime. Once the New Year comes, you will be busy once again. You will look up and it will be April or May 2020.

Don’t be one of those people. Start studying today. If you need help passing either the PMP or ITIL exams, I can help with that. Get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

Carlarjenkins.com Hits 248,000 Alexa Internet Global Ranking

This is by far the best way to end the decade: with an all-new Alexa Internet ranking! I have started www.carlarjenkins.com in 2015 promising never to write fluff. I know that I am being rewarded for it. Moreover, this new 248,000 magnifies that content is truly king! I would love to thank all of my readers for making this moment come true!

Mailing Out My Christmas Cards

Tis the season! This is the final weekend before Christmas and I am mailing out my final batch of Christmas cards.

Back to ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support

Since I have completed my PMP live online training, I am back to studying for my ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support exam. Passing this exam will let me teach ITIL 4 Foundation exam. I love teaching and am dedicated towards getting as many people certified as possible ahead of the June 2020 deadline (If you are ITIL 3 Foundation certified, you must take the ITIL 4 Foundation to stay ITIL certified). Get in touch with me here: www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

Mapping Out 2020

Since there are only 10 days left in both 2019 and this decade, I am in the process of finalizing 2020. I see myself sustaining my momentum well beyond 2020 returning back to DC by spring 2020.

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