Week in Review: Being Top of Mind 2

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This is a continuation of my Midweek Review article. 


I have ended this week on a high note. Just today I have received a virtual career fair invite from a major federal contractor. I attribute this to branding and being referred by another employee.

Receiving Job-Specific Invites

I have received virtual career fair invite this Friday. It is  not lost on me that I have received this due to my GDIT employee referral, 100 Days of Cloud work on Twitter and LinkedIn and video marketing selling my cloud skills on standalone video and livestream.

I am also grateful to have received supportive email response from my OMJCC training specialist. My individual plan of employment contains only AWS training. I decided to pursue multi-cloud (learning more than one cloud computing language) since I started with OMJCC. I am happy that she is supportive of my not finishing all 4 AWS certifications in lockstep but getting Azure Fundamentals, Azure Data Fundamentals and Oracle Foundations Associate certification. Employers and other organizations are contacting me for specific jobs

DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals Consumer Protection

Although DP-900 is optional, it is the first certification towards pursuing Azure Big Data and other higher-level certifications. This is good and bad at the same time. The good is that this DP-900 is in demand. The bad part is that now that DP-900 is getting recognition, there are plenty of people coming out of the woodwork creating courses. I have talked about this here.


YouTube Channel

YouTube has helped my branding so much. I am grateful to all of you for viewing my YouTube channel for the latest in ITSM, cloud and project management certification training.

Also thanks for watching my Projectized project management livestream show on YouTube Mondays through Fridays 5:30pm EST

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Helping You With Your Virtual Team Management

I know that you have been remote working for a while. I have received a lot of complaints from virtual teams not working and achieving the same goals that teams used to reach when they met in person. No fear. I can help you achieve better virtual team results with Virtual Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. Right now it is only $7.00. Buy it here: www.carlarjenkins.com/virtualteamwork

Studying to Pass AI-900 Certification

I am in the process of hitting the Azure trifecta with my passing my Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900). I am passing this exam for two reasons: 1) an interviewer mentioned AI during my interview so there is market demand and 2) I love being on the cutting edge of technology.

Preparing for NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

On the fun side, I am getting ready to win NanoWriMo. This is a competition where you write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. I have won in 2016 producing my Expand Your Personal Brand book

Don’t forget that I do this again next Monday with the Week Ahead. Catch everything on www.carlarjenkins.com


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