Week in Review: Bounce Back!

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Hey guys. I was under the weather so I missed my Midweek Review video but I am back now!

Bouncing Back

OMG! I had one of my worst weeks here in Cleveland. It snowed on Tuesday. The lights went out along with the heat (my lights NEVER went out in the 12 years I spent in DC!). That trauma made me sick for 3 days and I just started recovering today.

Then I felt betrayed and annoyed that one company I interviewed switched requirements and did not even tell the company recruiter who sourced me. That meant that my interview prep was old. They wasted one month of my time that I could not get back.

I am for SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Want to work with me? Get in touch with me: https://carlarjenkins.com/contact

Content Coming Soon

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Expand Your Personal Brand Global Sales

My book has received sales in Brazil and China.

Buy Expand Your Personal Brand ebook on Amazon:

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

My getting sick has put me behind on my timetable regarding passing my Azure AI Engineer certification. I will keep chugging away.

I am pleasantly surprised that Simplilearn says that AI and Machine Learning is number one for 2021. Here is the video: I am amazed at this because both are math intensive. However, I have been seeing a whole lot of articles related to these two fields. Furthermore, this is why I am happy that OMJCC has added AWS Machine Learning onto my individual plan of employment.

Expanding My Professional Network

Regardless of the tomfoolery that has happens this week because I will land a new full-time, direct and remote opportunity in either IT, cloud and project management. Once again, reach out to me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

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