Week in Review: Closing in on 2000 LinkedIn Followers and Returning to Periscope and IG Live

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Hey everyone! This week in review is all about social media and livestream. I am very happy to be closing in on receiving 2000 LinkedIn followers! This is a very big milestone for me as a business blogger! I am thankful that since last year 2017 I have gone from 900 to nearly 2000 followers. Amassing over 1000 followers in 1 year is a monumental accomplishment especially for a solo business blogger!

Returning to Periscope and IG Live

                Yes,after getting a new phone I am BACK on Periscope! It is truly my first love. I have been on Periscope since July 2015 first as @missphenom now as@carlarjenkins. I even attended the inaugural Periscope Summit in New York 2015. Periscope is my proving ground where I honed my audiovisual and presentation skills for all the world to see. I am still a very proud member of the PeriGirls! Follow me here for all of the latest and greatest: www.pscp.tv/carlarjenkins

                I am also back on IG Live (wi-fi willing!). I just love livestream overall because of the real-life (pun intended) connection that I get from people. I am also adding new IGTV videos. Follow me on IG to get a peek behind the rainbow follow me on IG: www.instagram.com/carlarjenkins.

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