Week in Review: Day 250 of 100 Days of Cloud

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Today is my day 250 of 100 Days of Cloud! When I started my cloud journey on July 5, 2020, I had no idea that I would receive 6 cloud certifications. However 8 1/3 months later and here I am. It feels great to keep going no matter what’s happening because my skills have sharpened and I am being sought out by so many recruiters.


Day 250 of 100 Days of Cloud

This is a landmark day because I have accomplished so much. I feel like I am officially a mentor because this week I have ramped up a new Ohio Means Jobs recruiter who is new to IT and cloud computing. Just being able to have the skills is big.

Receiving Acknowledgement Of My Blog

This past week I have checked my www.carlarjenkins.com comments section and have seen that a blog link party wants to feature my Microsoft Ignite Azure Data Scientist Cloud Skills Challenge article in its weekly highlights. I am honored. I do want more publicity for my blog.


Receiving More Interviews

This week I have interviewed for a Data Architect and Cloud Data Warehouse Developer jobs. My DOES and OMJCC workforce development trainings have helped me get noticed and to the second round.

If your company needs help managing its AWS, Azure and/or Oracle Cloud multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure, reach out to me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

More Introspection

Once again, as I have mentioned in my Morning Magnet: March On, that more of my DOES and OMJCC training specialists are moving onto other jobs. This makes me introspective especially at how little they make and how much they have to put up with. I am happy to be gracious. I have searched Google and seen that one of my training specialists earned $50,000 less than what I made on an IT contract. It’s eye-opening.

I have also examined how far ahead my thinking is. In DC, I was the only customer receiving two training grants – the training provider mentioned that most received only one (I never forgot typing my second DOES petition at 2am in the morning. I was determined to get my security+ training approved!).

Keep Going with 100 Days of Cloud

Yes, I am still moving forward. On the horizon, I will pass my Azure Administrator Associate exam, AWS SysOps Administrator Associate exam and Azure AI Engineer exam. I do see myself pass at least 2 of the 3 by Day 300.

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