Week in Review : Gaining Ground on LinkedIn and Periscope

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This has been a pretty regular week. I guess with all of the non-business things happening these past few weeks, getting back to normal is a great thing.


Receiving 2250 LinkedIn followers

I am very happy that my LinkedIn community is growing because I am a business blogger and certified project manager. My LinkedIn community is not a one-way thing. I actually learn from my followers. Plus I love engaging with them too.

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Received 550,000 Periscope Hearts

I have learned about this milestone by accident because the last time I’ve checked my metrics I was at 234,000 Periscope hearts. Having been on Periscope since July 2015 and returning in December 2018, I never thought that I would get to 500,000; but, not only have I surpassed 500,000 but also 550,000 Periscope hearts.

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Blogged more on www.carlarjenkins.com

I have kept up my blogging momentum from midweek posting 2-3 more posts with corresponding videos. I am very happy to be back into momentum. Look forward to more blog posts coming out this June. Want even more exclusive content?

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Shot More Videos

I started shooting more videos which were doing surprisingly well. I noticed that especially on Instagram that my videos outperformed my images. I loved shooting videos too.

Video is also the highest converting medium. Expect more videos on my blog, email and social media. All of my videos are found on my YouTube channel.

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Promote Project Summer

Project summer is my summer program to help people use project management in their personal and professional lives. Project management is a way to solve problems. I truly believe that people are already doing project management. They just need encourage and a nudge in the right direction. I will give people the Project Summer sign up very soon.

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