Week in Review: In The Clouds

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I close out this week strong! I am very serious about being multi-cloud. Even though Azure is not the market leader like Amazon Web Services, I am very with all of the momentum that I have sustained due to my passing my Azure Fundamentals certification. This new certification has gotten me noticed on LinkedIn and with the recruiters.


Cloud Computing

This past Monday I passed my Azure Fundamentals certification becoming multi-cloud. May get Oracle Foundations Associate certification since there is an increase in the demand in my Cleveland, Ohio area. Also I will look at doing some labs. Of course, I will let all of you know if or when I do.

I have also mapped out my AWS SysOps Administrator Associate certification journey on my calendar. I have done a good deed this week: someone passed his Azure Fundamentals and thanked me for telling him about the exam changing September 15th. I very so proud to help others.


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I have come back this week to let everyone know that the PMP exam is changing in 120 days. You should study and pass this exam before the end of 2020.

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New Twitter Smarter YouTube Playlist

First and foremost thank you for attending and supporting me during this Thursday’s Twitter Smarter chat about making seasonal changes to your Twitter. I have compiled all 8 video responses into one YouTube playlist that you can watch and gain knowledge from.

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Business Development

Very busy this week with

  • Promoting my PMP exam training courses
  • More learning about business financing
  • Completing my media kit (shout to King Ashley Ann and her Accelerate180)
  • Proposal Writing

My goal is to diversify my business income and opportunities.

This has been one of my busiest weeks due to my passing my Azure Fundamentals certification. I am very happy with the progress and look forward to updating you in the Week Ahead.

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