Week in Review : ITIL Certified Trainer

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I have had a whirlwind week traveling back to DC to teach ITIL certification training. I am happy to be able to help them become certified. Here’s what else has happened this week!


ITIL Service Operations Course Trainer

I got an opportunity to teach students ITIL Service Operations. I liked giving other professionals that same opportunities that I received with my ITIL certification. Having a lot of certified professionals is necessary with the move to the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and mixed reality. We need more competent professionals to manage IT service management.

Receiving 300 YouTube Subscribers

Yay! I am very grateful to receive 300 YouTube subscribers. My channel is centered about professional development. I make social media, personal branding and project management videos.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: www.carlarjenkins.com/youtubechannel

Learning More About the 2 New ITIL Exams

I am happy to find new training for both the ITIL Create, Deliver and Support and Direct, Plan and Improve certification exams. Passing them in 90 days has always been my goal. Now I know that I will achieve these two goals even faster!


Black Friday List

As promised, I am releasing my Black Friday sign up list this week! You DO NOT want to miss the deep discounts that Christmas with Carla will offer this year! I am having all-new products and services that will have you effortlessly ending 2019 and starting this new decade better than before!

Still Accepting New Opportunities for the December

Need to pass your ITIL certification by year end? Get in touch with me here: www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

I want you to end 2019 better than when you started. Furthermore, come into 2020 with a bang! Start off your New Year and your new decade off right as ITIL certified!

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