Week in Review : Keep Building My Brand

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This week has been epic! I am very happy that I am firing on all cylinders: webinar, website, and video marketing! Here are this week’s top 5 accomplishments!


Carlarjenkins.com 292K Alexa Internet

I am very happy to crack the 300K Alexa Internet ceiling ! This is a very big milestone because I am a solo business blogger who have been consistently doing this since 2015. Here I am 4 ½ years later with an Alexa Internet Majestic Million ranking! I am appreciative for every single reader, video watcher and email subscriber! Being in this position has helped me so much.

PMI Ascent Phone Survey Call

I am grateful to Samantha Moyer at PMI for calling and asking me about my thoughts about its PMI Ascent online learning platform. She has said that she has seen my PMI Ascent video .

This also magnifies the importance of video and how it makes you an authority. Here is the PMI Ascent follow-up video

Watch the first PMI Ascent video here –  https://youtu.be/Y7JTGsgATJ4


Video Marketing Is Getting Me Returns

Immediately after doing the video call, I have done a bonus livestream about how video is the fastest way to build your personal brand. PMI has reached out to me based on my video. I have had certification training companies reaching out to me because of my videos.

Get the GreyCampus 7 Reasons to Use Project Management for Cybersecurity Webinar

If you missed my Tuesday 7 Reasons to Use Project Management for Cybersecurity webinar, you can still register and get the replay for free!

ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support Study

As you know, I am techie and ITIL 4 Foundation certified so I am looking for the next step. Create, Deliver and Support is the first of 4 ITIL 4 Managing Professionals step. Getting ITIL 4 Create, Deliver and Support certified qualifies me to continue teaching ITIL 4 Foundation.

Finally, need help passing your PMP and ITIL exam by the end of the year? Contact me: https://carlarjenkins.com/contact/

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