Week in Review : Keep Going Even During Christmastime

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Yes, it is less than one week out before Christmas but I am still keeping busy because the people are watching.


Being Highlighted for Helping Someone Pass His AI-900 Exam on LinkedIn

Friday, December 18, 2020, out of nowhere Ronald Vega tagged me in his AI-900 certification exam LinkedIn post. I am very grateful that my I Passed My Azure AI Fundamentals LinkedIn Pulse post helped him pass.

This reasserts why I have written about my AI-900 exam experience because there aren’t too many people and resources out there. I am very happy that I can help. Furthermore, seeing this tag makes me realize that I need to post my 5 Lessons Learned from Passing My AI-900 Exam on LinkedIn Pulse too.

Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins

AWS Reinvent

I have attended all of the AWS machine learning and artificial intelligence sessions plus networked with the sponsors that interested me. As I have mentioned, I am still passing my AWS machine learning specialty exam after passing my Azure AI-100 exam.


Promoting My Personal Brand

This has been one of my best promotional weeks this December. I have networked and discussed career opportunities with companies at the Techupforwomen virtual career fair. All of the recruiters are very happy with my cloud computing and artificial intelligence and machine learning. I very happy to have the math background in order to do all of these things. In addition, being multi-cloud with AWS, Azure and Oracle cloud proficiency makes me stand out from the competition.

If your company needs help training your AI and machine learning models in AWS and Azure, get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

Carla’s Corner Is Out Today

An all-new Carla’s Corner email comes out today at twelve noon. Don’t miss all of the great online Christmas events to celebrate safely from home. If you have, don’t let this happen to you again by subbing at www.carlarjenkins.com/mailinglist

Finishing Up My Azure Certification

As I have mentioned in my Let Consistency Be Your Calling Card YouTube video that I have been selected as an Azure certification beta course reviewer. I am finishing up this course and my goal is to pass the Azure certification using my free exam voucher that I have gotten from my December 2020 Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge.

In addition, I am also preparing for my Day 175 of 100 Days of Cloud celebration. I do think that I will have my new Azure certification by then.

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