Week in Review : LinkedIn, Alexa, AWS Certification and Expanding Network

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This week post-Cleveland State University career fair has been very productive. I have written my thank you cards, followed up and revised my resume to accurately reflect my professional work experience.

Here are the top 5 things that I’ve accomplished this week:

  • Receiving 1875 LinkedIn Followers – As a business blogger, LinkedIn is the business social media. I am grateful to receive 1875 LinkedIn. I am getting followers from non-project management fields.
  • carlarjenkins.com has crossed 1 million – My site is officially in the Alexa Internet Majestic Millions
  • AWS Certification – Since I return to my hometown Cleveland, I have been actively thinking about getting this certification. I have leveraged my LinkedIn contacts asking those with certifications about their journey and how AWS have affected their careers.
  • Expanding Network – I have been pressing the flesh as of late meeting all of these new people in Cleveland.
  • Increasing Video Production – a lot of people are watching and commenting on my videos. I thank everyone for the engagement. Subscribe to my YouTube channel carlarjenkins.com/youtubechannel


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