Week in Review : Making My Own Way

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The end of this week has resulted in becoming more in-demand by recruiters. I am very happy that I am receiving even more cloud and project management opportunities.


Reviewing Many More Opportunities

Things are not only starting to pick up but my love for cloud computing and project management are starting to merge. I am starting to receive job descriptions citing both. Furthermore, today I have had my Cleveland State University mock interview.

Receiving Over 150 Video Views in 48 Hours

Very happy that my YouTube channel has received over 150 video views in 2 days. My viewers love my most recent skills development, Azure and Oracle lessons learned videos.

Some of my newest YouTube videos:

5 Lessons Learned from My Passing My Oracle Foundations Associate

3 Reasons Why You Should Network Outside of Your Workforce Training Specialists

5 Reasons You Should Do Self-Development Beyond Your Employment Plan

3 Reasons You Should Start with AWS On Your Multi-Cloud Journey



I would like to thank everyone for watching my Projectized project management show this week! I have highlighted Google’s new project management tool, Tables, which is in beta. There is a free and paid plans. Tables is supposed to compete with JIRA and MS Project.

I have also followed up with an overview of my Google project management tool, the project management course and the project manager Google career certificate. This shows that the business of project management tools and products are big business during this pandemic.

Don’t forget to watch me Mondays through Fridays 5:30pm EST on Periscope Instagram Live and YouTube Live

AWS SysOps Studies

Scoring 83% on ExamPro practice exam is this week’s highlight. I am making significant progress but I will read two more VPC whitepapers to shore up more knowledge. I don’t just want to pass the practice exams. I want to have a full understanding of cloud computing.

Continuous Improvement

I have expanded my multi-cloud knowledge learning more about Google Cloud’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification. Google Cloud is the #3 cloud provider in the US.

Wednesday I shot a video asking the 100 Days of Cloud Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram communities for their advice. I am happy that Google Cloud, Cloudbart and several others have responded in my comment section.

Thursday I attended the Google Cloud’s webinar to learn more about it. I also learn about receiving 30% off the exam fee when I complete a Qwiklab quest. I am doing this.

Moreover, Google Cloud partners with Coursera. Ohio Means Jobs has a Coursera portal. Passing this Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification is a great way to merge both workforce development and cloud computing.


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