Week in Review : New Year, Video, Blogging and Job Search

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Happy New Year! This is not even a first full week of 2019 and I am already making progress. I am seriously using last year’s momentum coming into 2019.



Video – is the biggest converting medium. All of the videos that I have done in 2018 has given me the momentum coming into this year. I have shot video to accompany my blog posts. This has increased my reach and influence. Recruiters are contacting me about my work and business based on video. I will continue doing that even more in 2019. Visit www.carlarjenkins.com/blog

LinkedIn – Getting a lot of positive feedback and traction from re-sharing my ‘Top 5 Things Certified Project Manager Does Every Day’. I have reshared it in the relevant project management LinkedIn and Facebook groups. I am also currently at 2040 LinkedIn followers. Two weeks ago I was at 2000. Follow me at www.linkedin.com/in/carlarjenkins


IGTV – IGTV is a part of Instagram but it is for vertical pre-recorded videos spanning 15 seconds to 10 minutes. I am building out my IGTV channel because I love to communicate and video gives me this opportunity. My three main foci are: project management, social media and personal branding. Check out my channel at www.instagram.com/carlarjenkins/channel

Full-Time Job Search – I am actively searching for full-time remote and Cleveland positions. Video has also helped me a whole lot in my job search because recruiters are coming to my social media pages and website to watch my video. I am receiving at least 1 recruiting email every day from my job search. Check out www.carlarjenkins.com/work and www.carlarjenkins.com/samples

Blogging – Having www.carlarjenkins.com my own digital real estate lets me control my message. You don’t own social media but you do own your own URL and domain.

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