Week In Review: Opportunities Abound

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This has been a whirlwind week! I am been in go mode ever since receiving that email that I’ve been accepted into the AWS Community Builders Program! Here’s how everything has panned out below.

Finalized AWS Community Builders Enrollment

NDA signed and Slack channel invite received: AWS Community Builders Program here I come! Through my Slack channel invite I have received my free Cloud Academy membership and free AWS machine learning specialty exam voucher. I am going hard here!

Email Marketing

An all-new Carla’s Corner is out right now talking about Memorial Day deals!

FYI – If you’re reading this, Memorial Day is May 31st not May 24th. This year it is the final day of the month. You’re welcome.

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Social Media Wins

I have scored two big wins on Twitter and YouTube. I have received 2000 Twitter followers! I would like to thank all of my Twitter Family for their support of watching all of my videos, sharing my content, attending my Projectized livestream show on Periscope and just plain being awesome!

Also my YouTubeFam has gotten me over 525 YouTube subscribers (539 as of today!). I will say that my channel is a contributing factor towards being accepted into the AWS Community Builders program. I have submitted 2 YouTube videos about my passing my AWS certifications. Video marketing is huge even when it comes from a small channel.

More Networking

Getting into the AWS Community Builders program has helped boost my professional profile. It has also opened myself up to a new group of people whom I am eager to meet and work with. Please connect with me on LinkedIn.

Continuous Improvement

Right now my cloud certification path has changed because I am now focusing on AWS instead of Azure. I am working on passing my AWS machine learning specialty certification since I am on the machine learning track. I will also see about passing my AWS SysOps Administrator exam before the July 26, 2021 retirement date.

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