Week in Review : Scoring A Big PMP Certification Win

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Yay! This is a very big, dare I say historical week for me: Project Management Institute has accepted my project management Facebook group mentoring for my PMP Giving Back units. Every 3 years you must obtain 60 personal development units to maintain your PMP. The renewal units are divided into 35 education units and 25 giving back units. The Facebook group mentoring fails under the giving back sharing information option. This is very big news! Check out this and the rest of my top 5 this week!


PMI Accepting My Project Management Facebook Group Mentoring for PMP Giving Back Units

I can now add my Facebook group mentoring towards renewing my PMP! This is big and shows how progressive and forwarding thinking PMI is. It is allowing social media groups to be used towards maintaining your certification. PMI understands that project management learning is not confide only to traditional (read: offline) activities. I value shooting videos, responding to posts and coaching women towards receiving their certifications. This past March I helped a lady obtain her scrum certification in 2 days. There is value to online project management communities.

50% Fourth of July Sale

Get 50% off my entire store using promo code FOURTH at www.carlarjenkins.com/shop. My Fourth of July 50% sale is still going on. Here is your chance to save money while learning something that can make you more money!

Receiving over 575,000 Periscope Hearts

I am very happy to cross another threshold here. I am livestreaming every single day and have mixed it up with lots of social media and personal branding content. I have gone live on Fourth of July to talk about 5 ways to use project management.

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Carlarjenkins.com Moving Up 811,000 on Alexa Internet Majestic Million

www.carlarjenkins.com is steadily moving up the Alexa Internet Majestic Million ranking. My goal is to return back to 600,000. This comes from consistent social media, personal branding and project management content.

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Filming More Livestream Videos

I have been consistently on livestream daily this week. I have broadcast on www.loola.tv (streaming on Periscope, Instagram Live and YouTube Live) plus 6 Facebook Live broadcasts. Look forward to seeing more livestreams.

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