Week In Review: Tipping The Scales

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I have made it to Friday! No amount of tech mishaps and certification stumbles along the way will stop me from getting out this all-new Week in Review!

New Scaled Agile YouTube Playlist

I have just created an all-new SAFE 5.0 Scrum Master YouTube Playlist to streamline scaled agile learning. My YouTube channel covers IT, cloud and project management. Scaled agile is a subset of project management. Scaled agile has been in demand since the start of the pandemic.

You can watch my playlist here

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Applying Scaled Agile Immediately

My scaled agile training is giving me a significant return on investment (ROI). Yesterday I used it during my scholarship interview to get certification training. Today I used it during a cloud interview discussing how the company could scale and manage its growth.


Tech Disasters Stymieing My Content Creation

I have had a horrible tech week. I have one laptop where all of the Internet browsers crash. Then the other laptop’s camera does not work. This forces me to live through not ONE but TWO Windows 10 updates. Each update is over 3 ½ hours long. Yikes!

Securing More Interviews

Even though this is the Friday before Memorial Day, I am still securing interviews for next week. This is what happens when you put yourself out there. I am actively learning and obtaining cloud certifications, video marketing and updating my LinkedIn profile. It is not lost on me that once I put AWS Community Builder on my resume and LinkedIn profile that the recruiters are checking me out.

Memorial Day Weekend Email Will Come Out Saturday 12pm EDT

The Memorial Day Weekend Carla’s Corner will be coming out Saturday, May 29, 2021 at 12pm EDT! It will focus on celebrating Memorial Day safely. Subscribe to get it in your inbox

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