Week in Review : Video Marketing My Way to Success

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This week has been all about IGTV (Instagram TV)! Businesspeople and social media agencies have taken notices of my channel. I have consistently posted on Projectized show Periscope replays on the channel to rave reviews. My increased activity results in increased comments and business opportunities. My IGTV is also driving traffic to my Instagram page where this week I have received 775 followers. With the combination of IGTV and Periscope, I am video marketing my way to success. Below are my top five things this week.



My IGTV channel is getting noticed big time. I am receiving not only increased views but comments and social media agency interactions. I have uploaded 4 Projectized Periscope replays onto my IGTV daily. I have optimized my IGTV videos with cover images, summaries, links, hashtags and scheduled timed uploads.

I have also received business opportunity from 5 Reasons You Should Be on IGTV . This particular interaction has made me create my $197 social media marketing session (Price as of today’s publishing date. Price can change.). I have also added influencer marketing hashtags to generate more channel interest which has worked.

I will keep posting my Projectized shows, Carlarjenkins.com, LinkedIn.com and social media content on IGTV.

Watch my channel at www.instagram.com/carlarjenkins/channel


My IGTV channel is driving my IG following. This week I have received 775 followers and have scored 5 #1 top ranked hashtags. I do believe that my IGTV channel will get my IG channel past 1000 followers especially since social media agencies are interested in it. Follow me at www.instagram.com/carlarjenkins



Created the Social Media Strategy Session

My exchange with a commenter on my IGTV video has made me create a $197 social media strategy session. As a businesswoman I am responding to what my audience tells me. I am creating products to serve a need.

Participating in Perigirls Business Pass the Cast

This past Tuesday I participated in the Perigirls’ business pass the cast where I told everyone that my 2019 word of the year is win. I am also in the Perigirls’ Heart Tribes exclusive community where I scope daily. This membership affords me the opportunity to improve my livestreaming skills.

Watch me on Periscope here: www.periscope.tv/carlarjenkins

Receiving More Branding and Social Media Agency Opportunities

Thanks to IGTV, I am receiving more branding and social media agency opportunities. As I have mentioned before, IGTV is relatively new which gives anyone a new opportunity to sell to brands and position herself as an authority. Watch my IGTV here: www.instagram.com/carlarjenkins/channel

P.S. – Looking for a productivity, branding, social media and project management help? Check me out at www.carlarjenkins.com/work for all of my strategy sessions.


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