Week in Review: We Accept PayPal

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A lot has happened in the past two days. I have really gone through my Selz online store backend with a fine tooth comb to make sure that I accept all the money.


We Now Accept PayPal

It is official: the online store now officially accepts PayPal. This means that if you have a PayPal – and who doesn’t – can now shop the store.

Get all of your personal branding and project management needs right in one spot. Furthermore, you can also shop my store on

Selz – www.carlarjenkins.selz.com/categories/all

Facebook – www.carlarjenkins.com/facebookshop

I want to make it easier for you to get to your next level.

Expanding Professional Networking

I have been busy expanding my professional networking. Thursday I attended three virtual career fairs. I have been busy pressing the flesh with recruiters. My AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud certifications and experience have put my resume at the top.

If you want to work with me, get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

New YouTube Videos

As promised, I have all-new YouTube videos rolling out on my channel this week. I am truly grateful at receiving over 3300 monthly views because of YOU. The brand is becoming stronger with each and every single video.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for the best in professional development and certification training

Brand Is Only Getting Stronger

I would like to thank each and every single one of you for rocking with and amplifying my brand. Earlier this week I have written how my brand is starting to get noticed. Now this week I have discovered via Google Analytics Acquisition tab that two promo code sites have reviewed my Selz store.

One of them says that my site is well-known and that I am a mid-range education software company. Mid-range means balancing product price with performance. I am also happy that Carla Jenkins’ competitors are Udemy, Google, Chegg and Edureka. This is astounding because all of my products are to help you improve your personal branding and your project management knowledge.

Shop my store directly on this site without leaving at www.carlarjenkins.com/store

Cloud Certifications

I have started studying AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate exam. I am happy that my life has slowed down enough that I am back towards studying this. My goal is to pass this then continue with Amazon Web Services SysOps Administrator Associate.

Furthermore, I have am in cycle 3 of my 100 Days of Cloud. I am pressing the reset button and making sure that I complete all of the certifications that I wasn’t able to during the tail end of my second cycle due to a family emergency.

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