Week In Review: Winners Only!

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So many things have happened to me just this Friday.

                This week I have been accepted into the Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select Program. It has come out of nowhere but I have managed in attend both sessions and complete 3 badges on Trailhead (the jury is still out to see if I can finish the Salesforce Admin super set by the deadline. I will report back and let you know!).


Very big announcement: I have closed my Ohio Means Jobs Cuyahoga County file. It has been a pretty good 2-year run but I feel that it is time to transition.

In the meantime, I have ended this week on a high note and have a whole lot of wins!

Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select Program

This Monday I have gotten into Deloitte program.  I will say that I am happy to be paired with other professionals. In addition, I have learned that I have so much more experience than some of my counterparts. I don’t have any Salesforce experience but I am happy that I do get an opportunity to sit for this Salesforce Administrator certification exam for free. So there is a return on investment. Finally I will have a weekly review video coming out detailing my first two sessions.

Very Big October For My YouTube Channel

October 2021  was a very big month for me on YouTube. Even as a small YouTuber with 589 subscribers, two of my videos received over 100 views. This was major for me. I was also grateful that I received new subscribers.

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Receiving More Cloud Opportunities

AfroTech conference was this week. I registered for the Meta (aka Facebook) technical program manager conversation. We met someone who worked there and explained the TPM role. What I learned was that I had all of the experience to land the job. This insider knowledge also help me better craft my application (I uploaded my new resume and added more roles to my career profile).

I am still open to receiving full-time direct hire remote and Washington, DC cloud positions. I am AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud multi-cloud, cloud native and hybrid cloud. Reach out to me here 

Curated by Carla Twitter Newsletter Is Out

This Friday, an all-new Curated by Carla was released. It contained my latest This Week in AWS Community but also two freebies to help you upskill and reskill in IT, cloud and project management.

I created Curated by Carla for my Twitter Family to get this week’s most helpful news. Subscribe here to have it in your inbox every Friday at 5pm EST.

Carla’s Corner Is Out Right Now

This article comes at 5pm EST so my Carla’s Corner has been released. This week was huge because I went into detail about the child tax credit deadline and a new small business credit program. Carla’s Corner was all about saving you and your business money. Subscribe here to never miss out on another issue!

Bonus – Received Microsoft Book Review

This past Friday morning, the Microsoft book review draft dropped into my inbox! This was momentous because before this email, I switched the Microsoft Security exam that I was going to take once I received my free Cloud Skills Challenge voucher.

Now I will use this book review to study and pass my exam in December (the book review is due January 2022). Of course, you will know all about it once I post my review!

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