Week In Review: Passing My AZ-700 Beta Exam

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This week has ended on an unexpectedly positive note: I passed my AZ-700 Azure Network Engineer Associate beta exam! This made my entire week! Here are the rest of this week’s accomplishments.


Passing The AZ-700 Beta Exam

I passed my beta exam. This was much harder than AZ-104 and AI-100. In my blog post, I wrote about all of the resources that I used to pass my exam. I did this because I knew how one certification could change a person’s life. Many of them were free.

Receiving More Cloud Engineer Jobs

Now that I am a certified Azure cloud engineer, I am actively open to looking for full-time, permanent remote and Washington, DC positions. Get in touch with me at https://carlarjenkins.com/contact


Curated By Carla Twitter Newsletter Is Out

The latest Curated by Carla Twitter newsletter is out. It covers my passing AZ-700 exam and the newest This Week In AWS Community. In light of Twitter going down, it magnifies why I have created a Revue newsletter so if (when) Twitter goes down again then I will be able to communicate with my Twitter community.

New on Carlarjenkins.com

The new blog posts are This Week In AWS Community and my passing my AZ-700 exam. There is plenty else here in IT, cloud and project management.

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Next Up – Terraform Associate And AZ-500

Since I am done with AZ-700, next is AZ-500 and Terraform Associate. I do feel like AZ-500 will be much easier than AZ-700. I will also continue to study and pass my Terraform Associate certification to be cloud agnostic in infrastructure as code.

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