What’s New for Me on LinkedIn for 2018

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Happy New Year everyone! 2018 will offer new professional opportunities which is why I have updated my LinkedIn profile.

I am accepting full-time work and networking opportunities. My profile changes highlight my new and increased skills and capabilities to help my clients and companies to increase their profits and productivity. I work in both the private and public sectors. I am accepting W-2, 1099 and Corp to Corp.

Check out www.carlarjenkins.com/work


What’s new in 2018?


President & Senior Project Manager, Phenomena Corporation 2015 – Present

WHAT I DO : I help businesses increase their profits and productivity through project management.

WHO I SERVE : businesses and individuals through strategy, content marketing, offline and online trainings

HOW I DO IT : whether it’s online or offline, I love to communicate my business, branding and project management knowledge to help my clients’ bottom lines.

WHO I WORK WITH : I work with individuals, small and medium – sized businesses

MY STYLE: I am direct, proactive and results-driven.

HOW I AM DIFFERENT : I am able to process my clients’ thoughts and articulate them in their authentic voices without any interference from me. It is all about my clients’ visions. I am a conduit to that.

BOOKS: Bestselling Author of Expand Your Personal Brand, 20 top business tips to increase your personal branding success


Thomas Johnson : Carla is a consummate professional. She is personable, as well as being extremely proficient. It was a pleasure working with her!

Eboni Akinsete : Carla is an astute, hardworking professional with the kind of motivation and drive any employer would value in their organization. She not only exemplifies a strong will to do well, but she seeks out opportunities that perpetually challenge her.

For more information visit www.carlarjenkins.com/work

Email: info@carlarjenkins.com

Book a session: www.carlarjenkins.com/bookasesssion


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