Why You Should Stay In GCP Jumpstart Beyond ACE Exam Prep

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As you know I am currently enrolled in the Google Cloud Jumpstart program. It is a volunteer program where after 12 weeks’ worth of labs and modules, you’d receive a free Associate Cloud Engineer exam voucher.


I have chronicled this throughout my blog (check here for the latest entry). The current Jumpstart program phase has moved beyond the Associate Cloud Engineer phase and into career development.

You may ask why would I stay in the GCP Jumpstart beyond the ACE exam prep?

  • Resources
  • Network
  • Competitive Advantage




Google Cloud is past of Google which is the #1 search engine. It is also under the Alphabet umbrella which is a Fortune 500 company. This company has many resources.

As it pertains to Google Cloud, I would still qualify for the Associate Cloud Engineer labs plus any other webinars that GCP sponsors. This is a great deal especially when cloud computing can be so costly. I am using all of those Qwiklabs for free to learn the number 3 US public cloud provider behind AWS and Azure.

Regarding the ACE certification, I have 1 year from initial enrollment to complete all of the coursework. Furthermore, being newly certified still allows me access to these resources.


The GCP Jumpstart is run by people who work at the cloud giant. This is a huge factor. It is not every day that you get to speak with cloud computing professionals. I like learning from Google Cloud professionals. Furthermore, with your ACE you would-be even more valuable.

Competitive Advantage

Cloud computing is a hypercompetitive industry. Being accepted into the GCP Jumpstart program sets me apart from everyone else. Anyone can say that they’re GCP certified or are doing GCP labs, but to have Google Cloud personally stamp you…now that’s competitive advantage. Participating in GCP Jumpstart means that you are good enough and that’s the market competitive advantage that I have versus everyone else.

Resources, network and competitive advantage are the three reasons why you should continue your GCP Jumpstart journey beyond the ACE exam prep phase.

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