You Will Never Know Unless You Ask

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Ask. This word scares a whole lot of people because they fear rejection. As humans, we want people to like us; and, when people turn us down, we feel disappointed. However, remember that there is another side to asking. When you don’t ask, you also don’t get a yes. People are so focused on the negative, that they don’t look at the positive.


I used to fear asking for what I wanted because I didn’t want to be denied either. What I learned about asking was being strategic. In my strategic ask, I included how receiving my ask would generate a high return on investment. Employing this strategy got me more resources and money than others. Yes, a strategic ask was simple but you needed to remove the fear.

Below is my video on the importance of the strategic ask and why you will never know unless you ask.




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4 Responses

  1. Elise Ho

    So what are we asking? Seriously though, I always say that the only dumb question is the unasked question.

    • carlarjenkins

      Right. I have gotten so much more this year just by asking for it. The worse that they can say is no.

      • Elise Ho

        I 100% agree. Its one of the reasons that I so freely get to meet so many fascinating people.